Clayton Banebridge

Ben's character: A badass fighter from a shamed noble family looking to redeem the family honour


Human Fighter, lvl 5. LN

Rocks full plate armor and a greatsword +1.


The Banebridges were once a well-known family of fighters and bodyguards, living around the Riversend area. Living as wealthy nobles, young sons of the family had the time and resource to train as fearsome fighters. This made them a valuable and respect asset to have on one’s side during times of war, and even in times of peace, the family filled their coffers by selling their services to protect nobles, or other people of affluence.

However, Clayton’s father died when the boy was young, and his less-than-competent uncle became the head of the family. Under the uncle’s leadership, the Banebridges backed a group of anti-Triumvirate militants, an act of treason that, if successful, would’ve greatly increased the power and influence of the family. Unfortunately, the Triumvirate does not take kindly to insurrection, and after the rebellion was brutally suppressed, ties back to the Banebridges were revealed. Seeing a chance to make a powerful statement, the Triumvirate revoked their title of nobility, and seized the family’s land and property.

Clayton and his brother Donovan, young teenagers at the time, escaped only with what little they could carry, and traveled into the city looking for shelter. There, Clayton quickly attempted to become independent, learning the hard way to deal with his loss of funds, respect, and connections. In order to survive, he accepted the aid of a street urchin by the name of Isaac. Isaac, evidently, also wishes to see the Banebridges restored to a place of nobility, although his intentions may not be entirely altruistic. To top it all off, his loss of a noble title meant that he was no longer a “proper” suitor to a particular noble female he may have been courting at the time.

Now, Clayton has turned to adventuring as a means to reclaim his lost wealth, and, more importantly, the lost honour of the Banebridge family.

Clayton Banebridge

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