Alcidbaedes Phocas

Greg's character: a young elf and talented wizard, leaving his sheltered life for some much need "field experience"


Elf wizard, lvl 5. TN

Has a crossbow and longsword, for the times where spells just won’t cut it.


Although relatively young for an elf, Alcibaedes is a wizard of formidable skill. The Phocas family has long standing ties to the Dalamar family, the two bonded by their interest in arcane magic. Alcibaedes father tutored Reston Dalamar and his ancestors in the ways of wizardry, and Reston, in turn, is mentoring Alcibaedes.

It will no doubt be interesting to see how Alcibaedes reacts to the world at large, once he experiences the grittiness and unpleasantness of the world for himself.

Alcidbaedes Phocas

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