I haven’t DMed, or really played DnD since I was in middle school. Now I’m almost ready to graduate from college, but the old crew decided to dive back into our nerdy ways. I’d been toying with some interesting ideas for a campaign since my last one never got off the ground, so I volunteered to do the DMing here.

Speaking of which, DMing has never been a particular gift of mine, so that ought to make things interesting-ish.

In the past, when we’ve played DnD, things have been pretty vanilla. There’s never been a lot of interesting role playing. Quests were rarely more complex than “go here, beat up monster x, clear dungeon, get reward, find next thing to smash.” It’s fun, but now that we’re somewhat more mature, I thought I’d try to get them to break out of that. The big-picture goal is to have interesting characters, a persistent and interactive world, and less of an “on rails” feel to the whole thing.

So we’ll see how that works out.

Wild Artifact Reclamation and Containment